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Dozens Killed In Yemen Factory Bombing

The dairy plant is largely destroyed in an explosion which was either caused by a Saudi-led air strike or rebel shelling.

An explosion at a factory in western Yemen has killed up to 37 people, as Saudi-led air strikes continue on Shia rebels in the country, reports AP. A provincial governor said 80 others were injured at the dairy in Hodaida, a port city on Yemen’s Red Sea coast. It is not clear whether the factory was hit directly by an air strike, or the explosion was triggered by rockets fired from rebel bases at a nearby army camp.

Residents say the aerial bombardment began shortly after midnight on Wednesday, and led to the plant being largely destroyed. Yemeni officials suspect the factory may have been being used to store rebel weapons, according to sources quoted by the Associated Press.  The incident appears to be one of the biggest instances of civilian deaths since Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region began a military campaign against Houthi rebels loyal to Yemen’s former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Saudis and their allies are seeking the reinstatement of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who fled the country last week after being displaced by the rebels. The Houthis began their offensive in September, seizing the capital Sanaa, and placing President Hadi under house arrest. Violence has also continued in the southern city of Aden, with gunfire and several loud explosions heard throughout the night.

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