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Eid Makeup Tips and Tricks

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A true fashionista never underestimates the importance of right makeup and latest techniques, for these are tools she needs to stay ahead of the curve, to lead her pack. A beautiful dress is nothing without the right makeup; it can make or break your entire look. If you are one such diva who is on the lookout for easy makeup ideas that are trending this year, look no further for your search ends here. Lifestyle has put together all those makeup tips, tricks and many more in one place just to add a little extra sparkle to your Eid this year!

To look gorgeous on your special day you must look after to some special aspects for your makeup, which is very essential. You should know the tricks and techniques to make yourself more beautiful than others. To keep yourself fresh and oil-free there’s some tips which would help you a lot.

If you haven’t been using makeup primer, then you’re really missing out. Primers are protein-infused fluids that smoothens the face for easy makeup application, and is great to hold makeup for hours. When worn under base it seals the makeup, preventing feathering or creasing. In terms of trends keeping things natural yet effective is all the rage this year.

BB cream:
Heavy makeup has been replaced with lightweight formulas that provide not only coverage but a whole host of other things. The advent of BB creams, which are basically new generation tinted moisturizers that have many other benefits. BB creams gives good coverage, hides all kinds of blemishes, dark circles, provides sun protection among many other things. Some of the BB creams are targeted towards specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, eczema etc.

ake the loose powder on the big brush and pat the excess off. Make sure you are not taking too much of powder on the brush. If you use too much powder and do not pat the excess from the brush then your foundation may become cakey and the texture of your skin will not be good especially if you have dry skin! Always use a cream foundation before using any type of powder on your skin. This will prevent the makeup from cracking.

You can use blotting paper to remove oil from skin. So that it don’t ruin your makeup. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and this year doing them up is all the rage. Liquid liner is having a moment now, and kohl on the lower rim has been ditched in favor a sparkling lower rim as well as inner corner. The thick cat eye has been revamped with a slimmer line and a naughty, outward flick. Lashes are voluminous and dramatic, and a little mascara on lower lashes provides the wide-eyed, doll-like look that is so in vogue right now. False lashes are a great way to add oomph and glamour to one’s eyes. Colored eyeliners are happening right now, and can be happily matched with one’s outfits.

For lips, bright, pretty shades such as coral, mandarin, fuchsia and vermillion are popular. Radiant orchid, which is a cross between fuchsia and purple has been dubbed as color of the year by Pantone, look fabulous when worn by dusky as well as fair women. Alternately, soft, nude shades are also pretty in summer. Pale, powdery pink, soft peach and rose shades look amazing when worn with soft, smoky eyes. Matt lipstick doesn’t sweat like glossy one. So, you can try matt finish. While applying lipstick having blot it would make it long lasting and would help to remove excess color.

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