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Ekattor TV video footage in court

The matter is supposed to be included in Tuesday’s cause-list of the Appellate Division.    Ekattor TV Chief Editor and Managing Director Mozammel Haque Babu, National Press Club President Shafikur Rahman, Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists faction President Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul and Bengal daily Janakantha’s Executive Editor Swadesh Roy were present while the documents were submitted to the court.

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s final verdict about war crimes convict Salauddin Quader Chowdhury on Jul 16, Janakantha published an article written by Swadesh Roy, which questioned the judge’s conduct over the case.  The apex court found the newspaper’s editor and Roy, the executive editor, guilty for contempt of court for the article.  During the contempt rule’s hearing, Janakantha’s lawyer produced a transcript of a telephone conversation between the Chief Justice and someone else, which the defence claimed was a discussion on war crimes convict Chowdhury’s appeal and a case on BNP leader Moudud Ahmad’s house.

Ekattor TV ran a news report the same evening, in which the conversation was aired.  Later at night, participants in its talk show ‘Ekattor Journal’ discussed the audio tape of the conversation.   The next day the top court ordered submission of the videos and audio run by Ekattor TV.  “The court would look into whether there was a contempt of court by airing the conversation, which was not allowed to be played in the court and broadcasting a discussion on it, as they might demean the judiciary,” the attorney general had told reporters, agencies report.

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