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An eigth grade teacher is being hunted by police after she became pregnant with her 13-year-old pupil's baby

English teacher got pregnant with 13-year-old boy’s baby… and claims his family SUPPORT their relationship

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A TEACHER is being hunted by police after she revealed that she was pregnant with the child of her 13-year-old pupil, The Sun reports. Alexandria Vera, 24, has been sleeping with the child since September 2015 and claims that his family support the relationship. The English teacher, who works at Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas, reached out to the young boy on social media.

 She gave the lad her number on Instagram when he failed to attend school one day.The child asked Vera whether they could see each other outside of school and they started to take drives together in her car. The pair went on to enjoy a very public relationship at school.

According to court documents, the couple had sex almost every day. A student told Eyewitness news: “[The student] like grabbed her butt and everybody saw it. And then they were talking about it.” According to ABC-13, the teacher has introduced herself to his family as his girlfriend.

Vera says that she invites the boy’s parents to family gatherings. The unlikely pair enjoyed a strange arrangement with his parents. His mum and dad let the boy stay overnight at Vera’s house as long as he get dropped home in the morning to take the bus to school.

KPRC reported that when the teacher became pregnant, the boy’s family were “very supportive and excited about the baby.”  But the couple got a shock in February when Child Services arrived at Vera’s house to interrogate her about her relationship with the teen.

The English teacher had an abortion after the visit from officials. According to the DA’s office, she denied having a relationship with the boy. If police manage to track her down, the teacher could be charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Aldine ISD, the organisation that runs Stovall Middle School, said in a statement: “Aldine ISD has been made aware that charges have been filed against a former Stovall Middle School teacher involved in inappropriate behavior with a male student.

“When the allegation was made in April, the teacher was immediately removed from the school and placed on administrative leave. “Aldine ISD Police investigated the incident and turned their findings over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. “The safety and security of Aldine ISD’s students and staff remains a priority of the school district.”

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