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Ashley Gamble, 28,and his partner Sophia, who have fled from their home with their two children, including a three week old daughter, after it was invaded by around 150 of the most deadly spiders in the world who arrived on a banana from Asda and hatched out in their kitchen (NOT IN THE BANANAS SHOWN HERE). The family were advised to move out by a pest control company and are living at Ashley’s parents house. See story by Andrew Parker.

ERECTNOPHOBIA Family flee home after finding spiders that can either kill or give you an erection lasting FOUR HOURS in Asda bananas

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A TERRIFIED family have quit their home after it was invaded by dozens of the world’s deadliest spiders – that arrived on a banana from their local Asda, The Sun reports.

Ashley Gamble, his partner Sophia Newcombe, and their two daughters fled after dozens of the creepie-crawlies burst out of a nest that was stuck to a piece of fruit and spilled onto the kitchen floor as they unpacked their shopping.

The Brazilian wandering spiders have a bite that can kill in two hours and are amongst the most venomous on earth. Its venom can also cause an erection lasting up to FOUR HOURS in victims.

Forklift truck driver Ashley, 28, said the scene was like “something out of a horror movie” – and is refusing to return to the house until Asda pays for it to be fumigated. Asda apologised and said the incident was “extremely rare”.

But Ashley, who is currently staying with his parents along with Sophia and their children, fumed: “They have just fobbed me off. “When I first went in to complain my house was full of spiders they offered me a refund for the bananas, which only added insult to injury.

“Then a worker said, ‘Oh it’s ok – they’ll all die soon anyway’, which didn’t really help. “It’ll cost hundreds of pounds to have the house fumigated and I just don’t have the money. “There is no way we’re going back until the house is completely cleared.

“I just can’t risk it with the children.” Sophia, 26, was unpacking the family’s shopping when she noticed the white cocoon on the side of the banana and threw it on the floor in panic.

Ashley picked it up – and watched in shock as tiny spiders began tumbling out. He said: “The nest was around the size of a 20p piece, and they were just falling out of it onto the floor.

“I grabbed the hoover and tried to suck up as many as I could, but they were running off everywhere. “My partner was absolutely petrified. I gathered my family up straight away and we went next door.

“Then I called a pest control company, but they told me to contact Asda, who would sort out funding for the house to be fumigated.”

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