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Chelsie René wants to make herself over as a straight woman

‘Ex-lesbian’ launches crowdfunding campaign to help her leave lesbian lifestyle

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Chelsie René, of Las Vegas, launched a GoFundMe campaign asking for donations this week, after deciding to leave her lesbian lifestyle.  However, on the page – titled “She loved Her, chose Him” – she asks kindly Christians to give money to help her “embrace this feminine side” by paying for a make-over.

However, she explained that she needs people to give her money so she can go clothes shopping and stop dressing like a lesbian.  She said: “I’m learning to walk in this new lifestyle day by day.I have to say, I’m falling in love with myself more every step I take.

“Its been one week, therefore I do still have a closet full of everything I have accumulated over many years to hide who I was… as far as my boy clothing, shoes, cologne, hats, etc. I aspire to donate every single piece to young individuals in need more then me.

 “Let me assure you, this straight journey is nowhere near cheap. Right now I am humbly asking for any help at all to contribute towards the necessities of embracing this feminine side of me.”

So far she has raised $450 of the $1,000 it apparently costs to dress like a straight person.

Source:Pink News.

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