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According to a leading nutritionist, dieters should ditch the salads and start indulging in steak and chocolate Getty

Fancy trying the steak and chocolate diet? Health expert claims low-fat meals may NOT be the answer

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A HEALTH expert has claimed that dieters should stop eliminating high-calorie fats because they can actually help you lose more weight, according to The Sun.  Dr David Ludwig, a nutritionist from Harvard University, said that many diets are “destined to fail” because they are too strict and don’t have enough fat.

Dieters are often told to replace fats with carbohydrates and sugars but this can cause hunger and throw the body into “starvation mode”, he says. He explains in his new book, Always Hungry? that when this occurs, the body rebels and puts the pounds back on which results in yo-yo dieting. The low fat diets that became popular in the 1970s “not only fuelled the obesity epidemic but also contributed to cardiovascular disease”, he told The Mail on Sunday.

And he says the idea that all high-calorie fats should be replaced because all calories are equal is “profoundly misguided” and that “With low-fat diets, you are destined to fail”. After researching the topic for 20 years, Dr Ludwig aims to dispel the belief that low-fat diets are better for you.  In his book, he cites the 2012 study which found that the same people burned 325 fewer calories a day while on a low-fat diet than on moderate and high-fat Mediterranean-style diets consisting of the same amount of energy.

This is a result of the body becoming extremely efficient after humans had to forage for survival because food was scarce. Dr Ludwig explains that the secret to staving off hunger for as long as possible was to eat “luscious” and “hearty” foods.  He and his chef wife have devised a number of meals which include Melt-In-Your-Mouth Lamb Shanks; Shepherd’s Pie with Cauliflower Topping; and Steak Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing.

While home-made chocolate sauce, using dark chocolate or cream, can be poured over desserts, providing there is no added sugar.  However, he does recommend cutting out sugar and refined carbohydrates, which can lead to fat cells “hoarding”.  Dr Aseem Malhotra, a London cardiologist and adviser to the National Obesity Forum, praised Dr Ludwig’s theory.

He said: “The low-fat diet has been one of the biggest disasters in modern medicine, and in my view has fuelled the obesity epidemic. It’s time we stopped counting calories and ate real food.”

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