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Farron: Dozens Of Labour MPs Could Defect

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Dozens of Labour MPs could defect to the Liberal Democrats, according to their leader Tim Farron,Sky news reports. The party was hammered at the last election and left with only eight MPs.

However, Mr Farron is trying to strike a positive note as the party gathers for its annual conference in Bournemouth. He told Sky News’ Murnaghan programme that Jeremy Corbyn’s victory presents “a historic moment for us” and “the biggest opportunity for a generation” to occupy the political centre ground.

Mr Farron said: “Labour’s response is to say we weren’t credible enough on the economy, let’s go into fantasy.

“It’s time Britain has an economically credible and socially just option and that is the Liberal Democrats … Labour have chosen to go in a direction where they are probably unelectable.”

He refused to name any of the Labour MPs or councillors that he claims are considering defecting, adding: “I’m not a home wrecker for the Labour Party, but I’m a home provider for Liberals.”

The party has enjoyed a surge in membership since the election with 20,000 people joining – a third of the total membership. Mr Farron said: [The election] was a dreadful result. People felt a sense of grievance after the election so 20,000 people have joined us.”

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