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The 450lb shark caught a mile from the Devon coast could be a British record SWNS

Fin-credible! Huge record-breaking shark weighing 450lbs is reeled in off British coast

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THESE terrifying pictures of a 450lb shark caught less than a mile from Cornwall will definitely make you think twice about going back in the water, The Sun reports.  It took six amateur fishermen half an hour to wrestle the 2.2 metre long monster onto the boat.

The shark has razor sharp teeth and could be the biggest ever caught in British waters. In fact, it was so big the fisherman argued about whether to haul it on board – fearing they would need a bigger boat.

John Hodgkins, from Sea Mills, was with five friends when they reeled in the shark, before taking pictures and releasing it back into the ocean. The 31-year-old said: “Everybody has said how much of a monster it was. “Without a doubt this is the fish of a lifetime.

“It’s the time of the year the females come to get rid of their pups.  “She would normally be out in the deep water but they come in for so many weeks of the year to get rid of their babies, then go back to the deep water.”

It has been identified as a porbeagle shark – an animal common in the North Atlantic and Southern Hemisphere. The beast was caught less than a mile off North Cornwall, somewhere near Morwenstow, as the men prepared to head back to Ilfracombe.

Despite her ferocious appearance, there have been only three reported cases of this species attacking humans, and none have been fatal. John said that despite the epic struggle to reel the real-life Jaws in he is surprised it didn’t take longer.

He added: “It usually takes up to two hours plus but the skipper reckoned she was tired out from maybe giving birth, that’s why she came in so easy. “That’s the reason we boated her, due to her already having the babies.

“Had she still been pregnant we wouldn’t have boated her.” John was with friends Alex Steele, Toby Cross, Marcus Harper, Wayne Pitt and David Brooks, who are all from Bristol.

John said the shark was so massive that the boat’s skipper Daniel Hawkins was initially in two minds about bringing it on deck. He said: “The skipper came to the conclusion she had just let go of her babies.

“She had just given birth, that’s the reason we took the decision to boat her. “We had a few beers the night before but that sure woke us up.”  In 2014 another 450lb porbeagle was caught off the Devon coast – but John said this catch could be bigger.

The shark was weighed on the boat using special equipment.

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