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The Rockflower kiosk is open to the public 24 hours a day in Blackfriars Station in central London Ian Whittaker

Flowers vending machine in red hot demand on Valentine’s Day

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THE country’s first vending machine dispensing flowers proved particularly popular yesterday on the eve of Valentine’s Day, according to The Sun.  Colourful bouquets were on show in the glass display and ranged in price from £18 to £24.

 Pot plants were also available for a tenner at the Rockflower kiosk which is open to customers 24 hours a day.The kiosk works by the customer entering the number of the glass box, that holds the particular flowers they want, into the machine. They then use their credit or debit card to pay for the item and the door to their glass box swings open and allows them to collect their romantic gift.

The ingenious service is available at Blackfriars Station in central London allowing forgetful commuters to pick up a bunch and avoid the wrath of their beloved partners.

Project manager Maurice Small, 45, from Chigwell in Essex said; “It’s great if you’ve forgotten to get something for Valentine’s Day or a birthday.” Wife Carrie agreed saying: “The quality and selection is really lovely.”

Scientist Grace Auld, 25, of the Scottish Borders, said: “I hope it catches on everywhere!”

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