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The homemade bombs act like floating mines to take out sophisticated fighter jets. A terror thug releases one of the floating bombs into the sky. The warped weapons guide described the carrier bag bomb as a ‘primitive means of randomly crippling and destroying’

FLYING TERROR BOMB ISIS militants testing floating mines made out of PLASTIC BAGS to blow western fighter jets out of the sky

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ISLAMIC State militants have been testing floating anti-aircraft mines made out of PLASTIC BAGS to bring down western fighter jets, The Sun reports. The terrorist army has been creating the primitive devices in Iraq and Syria and has passed around a step-by-step guide on how to make them.

The guide – titled “Dropping Fighter Jets in the Lands of the Islamic State” – describes the carrier bag mines as a “primitive means of randomly crippling and destroying” enemy aircraft, It details how the bags are filled with hydrogen gas to create a balloon which carries rounds of ammunition and can be weighted to float at various altitudes.

The author Abu Ayyub al-Baghdadi claims coalition and Russian jets could be downed if the engine sucks in the bags which would result in the bullets firing and crippling the engine. It also states how 300 litres of hydrogen gas can be manufactured using household chemicals. The aim of the mines appears to be to create effective no-fly zones over Syria and Iraq.

The militants were filmed last year making similar devices made out of condoms. They are designed to imitate the barrage balloons used by the Allies during World War One. Last month, it was revealed SAS troops fired a new weapon nicknamed the ‘Punisher’ to flush out ISIS thugs during a street battle in Libya.

The elite unit pulled out the precision air-burst grenade launcher as they closed in on the terrorists with local forces. The explosives detonated above the targets, scattering shrapnel behind enemy lines. This caused ISIS to reveal their hideout in a residential neighbourhood of city Sirte.  A gun battle then erupted in which they were captured by Libyan troops.

A local commander said: “The British arrived in a very purposeful way, as if they had specific information about ISIS positions, and took over our regular sniper’s roof position. “They initially fired several unusual missiles. These were like small bombs which travelled very far and exploded in the air behind the enemy.

“Everyone knows they are here but they are rarely seen.” Experts said the Punisher appears to be the US-made XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System It has a range of 770 yards and was first tested by US troops in Afghanistan.

It enters full production next year.

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