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ISIS militants beheaded the four footballers on the streets of Raqqa in Syria. Top right: Ihsan Al Shuwaikh was one of the four players executed for 'spying' for the Kurdish YPG and The others were named as Osama Abu Kuwait, Nehad Al Hussen and Ahmed Ahawakh

FOOTBALLERS BEHEADED ISIS thugs execute four men in front of children after accusing them of spying

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ISIS fanatics have beheaded four footballers in Syria after accusing them of spying for the Kurdish YPG, The Sun reports. The terror group posted images of the bloody scene – taken on the streets of their de facto capital Raqqa – on their Twitter feed. The victims of ISIS’s latest atrocity were named as Osama Abu Kuwait, Ihsan Al Shuwaikh, Nehad Al Hussen and Ahmed Ahawakh.

Campaign group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently identified the footballers, posting pictures of them lining up in their kits. After murdering the players, along with a fifth man who wasn’t identified, the sick thugs then forced children to inspect the mutilated corpses of the men they used to cheer on the pitch.

The victims all played for popular local team Al-Shabab before ISIS swept through the region of northern Syria around two years ago. The group banned football in all territory under their control, declaring all organised sports ‘un-Islamic’. Militants executed 13 teenage boys in Iraq last year after they were caught watching football.

According to Mail Online, the teens were killed by machine gun in public after being caught watching Iraq’s Asian Cup clash with neighbouring Jordan. The lads’ ‘crimes’ were read out on a loudspeaker before they were killed – while their distraught families were unable to collect and bury the bodies for fear of murderous reprisals.

ISIS had also reportedly planned to target the Euro 2016 tournament in France this summer, although luckily there have been no successful attacks so far. French security forces practised for Paris-style terror attacks in chillingly realistic drills before the competition began.

And German footie star Jerome Boateng told his wife and kids not to come and watch him play because of the danger. He told Sport Bild: “The risk is simply too big…I would feel much better if my family is not sitting in the stadium.”

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