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Foreigners’ killing may affect FDI inflow: DCCI

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Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) on Tuesday said the killing of two foreign nationals might have an adverse impact on foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow as well as export, UNB reports.

With the government’s constructive initiatives, the DCCI thinks, Bangladesh’s export potential is now experiencing an upward trend but for some miscreants Bangladesh must not lose its positive image abroad.

“DCCI is imploring government to take immediate steps to ensure the security of foreigners which is believed to boost confidence for increased FDI in Bangladesh,” the DCCI said in a statement.

The trade body strongly condemned the heinous killing of two foreigners –Tavella Cesare and Kunio Hoshi – citizens of Italy and Japan respectively within a short span of time.

“DCCI not only condemns the killing of foreign nationals but also denounces any such killing as it’s against humanity,” it said.

The DCCI also shared the sentiment of the country’s people urging the government to bring the killers to book at the shortest possible time with proper investigations and ensure the highest punishment for the culpable miscreants.

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