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Holidays in the sun ... do newly released files prove Hitler escaped Berlin?

Former war crimes investigator claims Hitler faked death and escaped to Tenerife

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STARTLING evidence that Adolf Hitler faked his own death and fled to the Brit-favoured holiday island of Tenerife has been revealed by a former UN war crimes investigator, The Sun reports.

Working from 700 pages of newly declassified FBI files, respected investigator John Cencich has concluded the Nazi leader did not commit suicide with new wife Eva Braun in the Führerbunker as previously believed.

 Evidence found by Cencich suggests the defeated dictator escaped Germany and spent time on the sun-soaked Canary Island – before eventually making his way to live with wealthy supporters in Argentina.

Among the proof offered, the investigator reveals Hitler’s body was recorded by Russian troops as being five inches shorter than his height of five foot six inches. The skull with the ‘fatal’ bullet hole was also smaller than it should have been.  Cencich said of Hitler and Braun: ‘We do know from evidence both of them had doubles. If someone was going to stage a crime scene, this was the perfect way to do it.’

He also believes the fact that Hitler’s corpse went missing before British and American troops could examine it adds strength to his claims of a cover up. The investigation also revealed a network of tunnels that offered an escape route to Berlin’s then Tempelfhof Airport from where he could have escaped to Spain and then Tenerife.

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