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A snake visits a North Carolina family's backyard trampoline. Screenshot: WITN-TV

Four-foot snake climbs backyard trampoline, declines to bounce

WT24 Desk

A North Carolina woman captured video of her family’s encounter with an unusual guest: a 4-foot snake on their backyard trampoline, UPI reports.

Ashley Batts said the snake was first spotted in her back yard Thursday morning just outside of Greenville in Pitts County and she and her aunt tried to direct the serpent away from the trampoline.

The attempt was unsuccessful, and the snake, believed to be a nonvenomous rat or king snake, slithered up her children’s slide before making its way to the trampoline, where Batts’ kids were playing.

Batts, who filmed the snake slithering around on the trampoline springs, said she used the opportunity to teach her children the difference between a good and a bad snake.

“He’s just a little guy,” Batts says in the video.

The video shows the snake coil itself around one of the trampoline legs to get back to the ground. Batts said the snake then slithered away from the area.

The arrival of spring seems to have attracted wild animals to backyard trampolines. A Connecticut mother captured video this week of a family of bears on her trampoline. The bears, unlike the snake, used the trampoline for its intended purpose and had a good bounce — before tearing holes in the fabric.

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