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Users were quick to say that the fish should have been thrown back into the sea LiveLeak

Freakish fish caught off Thailand leaves internet baffled

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A STRANGE fish, caught by a Thai fisherman, has horrified users on the web, according to The Sun. The pale, sharp toothed sea creature looks like a cross between several different species – giving the appearance of a scary sea-monster.

The horrifying haul was caught in Thailand and the footage of the catch uploaded to LiveLeak yesterday. The poster then asked viewers for their opinions on what the eel-like fish was.

However, in response the poster got a barrage of abuse from commenters who said that instead of filming and prodding the fish he should have thrown it back into the sea.

One user wrote: “It is not a monster, it is a fish and it would probably be happy to go back into the water. The monster is the one who is poking it and holding it outside the water.”

Another added: “The only MONSTER is the creepy creature who torture a blind animal out of his living surrounding with a f****** stick. The fish can be seen writhing and squirming and at one point, it starts clamping its giant knashers around the stick.

What do you think it is?

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