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Ashley Emma is set for Bollywood stardom; inset, N-Dubz star Fazer Instagram / Twitter

From Babestation to Bollywood: Fazer’s girl Ashley Emma set for MASSIVE career change

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FAZER’s soft core porn star girlfriend Ashley Emma is set to launch a Bollywood career, The Sun reports.  The busty blonde beauty recently spent a week in India with the former N-Dubz star – who was declared bankrupt just a couple of years ago – to star in a Hindi music video for Indian actor-and-director Pushkar Jog for his track Ghaati Trance.

While filming the promo, Ashely impressed Pushkar and the rest of the crew with her abilities in front of the camera and now she is to be cast in one of his upcoming new movies, and could be back in India as early as the summer to start shooting.

 A source said: “The video shoot went really well and everyone was very impressed with Ashley on set. Pushkar spoke to Ashley about her coming back out to India to shoot a film. She is obviously gorgeous but he thinks she has the acting ability to be more than just eye candy.

Ashley is so excited and has Fazer’s full backing up become a Bollywood star.” Ashley herself said: “Increasingly, Hindi films and Indian TV has been inclusive in its approach of international faces. I have always loved the larger than life, glamorous songs and dances in Bollywood films. These films are increasingly being watched globally too. With Ghaati Trance, I hope to step into this world and explore opportunities in this industry.”

Emma has a lot of experience in front of the cameras as she has been stripping on TV and talking dirty to guys for years, but she’s always been adamant she’s proud of what she does for a living and has always been adamant that Fazer has no issue with her job. She said: “My role is merely a topless glamour model acting job. I earn great money doing it, which allows me to provide for my daughter.

“I don’t want to live off Fazer. I want to contribute financially too. “He and my family are fine with me appearing. They know it’s just a glamour job — no big deal. “I do get my boobs out but so does Kate Moss. Glamour gets a bad rep, I don’t get what the major issue is. I’m not a slag.”

Recordings of Emma chatting naked to randy men also feature on a series of hardcore porn websites. The Studio 66 website says of Ashley: “Her night shows are always unforgettable.” Fazer – real name Richard Rawson – was declared bankrupt in December 2013 after being unable to pay his tax bill.

He is desperate for a reunion with his N-Dubz bandmates Dappy and Tulisa – who he was in a long-term relationship with whilst in the band – to release a new album and tour again in order to make some money.

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