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Fugitive Toronto capybaras ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ give birth to triplets

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A pair of capybaras, nicknamed “Bonnie and Clyde” after they escaped from a zoo in Canada and were on the lam for several weeks, gave birth to triplets,UPI reports.

The City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation department shared a photo of the former fugitive capybaras and their three newborn pups at their home in Toronto’s High Park Zoo on Thursday.

“The couple credits their long time apart this summer wandering the wilderness of Toronto’s High Park for the kindling of their passion, and now they have three adorable pups to show for it,” the zoo said.

Both capybaras escaped from the zoo in May 2016 and were eventually tracked down and captured by park staff about two weeks apart in June.

Toronto Mayor John Tory congratulated the capybaras for settling down and starting a family about a year after their escape captured the attention of the city.

“Proud to announce that the High Park Zoo capybaras are proud parents to 3 new pups,” he said. “I’m told mother and pups are healthy and doing well.”

The Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation launched a “baby registry” for the newborn capybaras to support the zoo and the capybara family.

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