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Pistol-toting boys launch attack , Search the 4x4 cruiser and Driver is bundled out the car . You Tube

Gang of armed children carjack 4×4 cruiser at petrol station

WT24 Desk

A GANG of boys is seen carjacking a man at the point of a gun in chilling CCTV footage, The Sun reports. The incident happened last week at a petrol station in Brazil and shows the boys filling up their own car with fuel before seizing the neighbouring vehicle.

In a prepared manoeuvre, two boys leap out with pistols with one going for the driver’s window and one for the passenger seats.  With a pistol pointed straight at his head, the driver is forced out the car where he is patted down by a third hoodlum.

Meanwhile, one of the armed boys jumps into the back seats to search the vehicle as forecourt attendants back away. After the unfortunate driver was searched and had another pistol pointed at him, the two armed boys get into the stolen car and follow their own vehicle out the petrol station.

However, they forget that a fuel line is still inserted into their stolen 4×4 cruiser and bring a pump unit crashing down behind them as they speed away.

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