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Scattered debris from the Germanwings flight(Picture: AFP PHOTO (Inset) Andreas Lubitz, killer pilot.

Germanwings flight 9525: Killer pilot’s teacher girlfriend ‘told class she’s pregnant’

The teacher girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz – the killer pilot who ploughed Germanwings flight 9525 into a mountain – announced to her class that she is pregnant, German newspaper Bild reports, according to METRO News. His lover, who teaches maths and English, is believed to have told pupils a few weeks ago that she is expecting a baby. The revelation comes as French officials say the captain shouted ‘open the damn door’ at the co-pilot as he desperately tried to get back into the locked cockpit.

A black box recording revealed that passengers were screaming during the eight minute descent.  Now officials have the grim task of identifying around 600 body parts at the crash site in the french alps. As investigators seek to build up a picture of Lubitz and any possible motives, media reports have emerged that he suffered from eye problems, adding to earlier reports he was severely depressed.  German prosecutors believe Lubitz hid an illness from his airline but have not specified the ailment, and said he had apparently been written off sick on the day the Airbus crashed.

Meanwhile, worried Germanwings passengers flying a day after the disaster in the French Alps thanked their pilot after he reassured them with a moving speech in the cabin. Britta Englisch posted a message on the airline’s Facebook page describing the emotional moment he told them not to worry as they would be safe with him. She wote she boarded the flight from Hamburg to Cologne in Germany with ‘mixed feelings’, following pilot Andreas Lubitz’s decision to deliberately crash a Germanwings plane in the French Alps, killing all 149 people on board.


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