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The German government seemed shocked with the election results

GERMANY’S SHOCK: Donald Trump victory ‘makes things harder’ for EU, foreign minister says

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Speaking to public TV network ARD, Ursula von der Leyen continued: “Of course, we Europeans know as Nato partners that Donald Trump will ask himself what we are contributing to the alliance, The Daily and Sunday Express reports.

“But we will also be asking, what is your position on the alliance. Many questions are open. A responsible and open America is in our interests. “I also think that knows that this wasn’t an election for him, but against Washington, against the establishment.”

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier added the result was “not to be underestimated”. Speaking at a press conference this morning, he said: “The result is different from what most people in Germany desired. But of course we have to accept it.

“In the course of the election campaign Donald Trump has found critical words about Europe and Germany. We must adjust to the fact that American foreign policy will get less predictable in the near future.”

In a statement he said: “If Donald Trump really wants to be President for all Americans, as he said this morning, then his first task will be to dil in the deep rifts that developed in US society during the election campaign.

“But the challenge of dealing with meeting the high expectations that Trump himself will be even greater. It will not be easy to make America great again, also as regards to the economy, or to create new jobs in this situation and in the current economic environment.

“I don’t want to pretend it will be easy. Nothing will be easier. Much will be harder. But I am highly aware that the functioning transatlantic relations are something like the foundation of the West. That is why we cannot relinquish this foundation.” Centre left SPD foreign policy spokesman Niels Annen said: “With Mr Trump we really don’t know what we’re facing.”

Green party leader Cem Özdemir called the possibility of his presidency a “break with the tradition that the West stands for liberal values,” and he warned that the United States could turn its back on the rest of the world. Left party chairman Bernd Riexinger aid: “He won’t be able to offer anything at all to the people who he’s promised all kinds of things.”

The only party to welcome Trump’s victory outright was the populist Alternative for Germany.Deputy party leader Beatrix von Storch was quick to draw parallels with the European political situation.”The victory of Donald Trump is a signal that the citizens of the Western world want a clear political change,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Her party colleague Marcus Pretzell took to Twitter to ask for more “optimism” and less “fear mongering” from the German media.In Berlin, the small group Republicans Overseas celebrated the win.The Berlin branch wrote on Facebook: “A Trump victory just goes to show how much Americans hate being told what to do.

“If he wins, it’s laid directly at the feet of the media establishment, the sneering, snotty coastal elites, and all the social justice warriors whose bigotry against rural America caused small town USA to rise up and say

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