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A recent survey revealed that a shocking 53% Indians lack the discipline to regularly exercise. (Shutterstock)

Get off the couch and get healthy: Top 5 fitness stories from this week to inspire you

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Taking the first step towards fitness can be tough. Even those who already follow a workout routine may feel tempted to stop from time to time. And if you’re waiting for the fabled Monday to hit the gym, commit to it this weekend.

We round up the best of fitness stories from this week to motivate you:

1) Get healthy

Working those muscles improves immunity and regulates body weight. If you exercise, you actually sleep more soundly than couch potatoes. It also results in healthier eyes and better hearing.

2) Say cheese

Take a break from the gym and snack on some yummy cheese. After all, studies show that probiotics found in Swiss cheeses – such as Emmental and Gruyere – could help reduce inflammation and subsequently boost immunity.

3) Move it

Put on some lovely music and get grooving. And encourage your grandparents to do the same. In older adults, dancing leads to noticeable behavioural changes in terms of improved balance and also prevents mental decline.

4) Hit the court

If you’re bored at the gym, give badminton a shot. The sport helps you burn calories, boosts eye health, and gets you some fresh air. It also gives you a chance to socialise. Win-win, we say.

5) Don’t be a statistic

A recent survey showed that an appalling 53% of Indians lack the discipline to stay fit despite the abundance of gyms. The research further revealed that although 30% of the respondents currently have a gym or fitness centre membership, only 11% have been regular for more than six months. It’s time we take our health seriously and make it a priority.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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