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Glam up with these party hairstyles

Ponytails have always been high on fashion quotient including this year, be it the slicked back pony or a top-of-the-head version that have been made popular by Hollywood celebs according to The Times Of India.

Textured Pony

The current favourite is the textured unstructured ponytail. It looks more youthful than many other hairstyles. If you have a natural wave or kink in your hair then this is definitely your hairstyle. How to wear it: Shake your hair out and use a thickening hair spray all over. Scrunch it up for volume and character. Grab a curling iron to create horizontal curls randomly so your hair gets more texture but unevenly. Bunch it into a high pony and fan it out.

Old Hollywood waves

You want to impress everybody this Christmas with these very romantic red carpet-worthy curls? This glamourous looking old-Hollywood hairstyle can be a sure knockout with your LBD or a red gown either for your best friend’s party or a romantic date. How to get it: This glamourous hairdo requires a curling iron and a little product. Create loose waves, keeping the focus on the strands at the front and lower half of your length. Flick your hair to one side to show off your best facial profile.

Braided Top knot

This is your go-to-hairstyle for a night out with friends or a dinner with office colleagues. This style not only goes with your formal and casual outfits but also ups your chic quotient. If you are planning to wear a high-neck dress, the braided topknot is the hairstyle to heighten the effect. How to wear it: Bend over and bunch up your hair at the crown into a ponytail. Leave only the bangs on your forehead loose. Divide the pony into five sections and braid each one. Twist them in a circular motion to create a braided topknot, which you can fix in place with a black hair tie. Comb out your bangs for definition.

Bed Head Hair

The just-got-out-of-bed look isn’t about looking grungy and unkempt it is about making a statement. How to wear it: Backcomb your hair section-wise and shake it out. Use a volumising spray specially if you have limp or thin hair. If you have short hair, then bring some hair strands at the front to one side for that 90s edge. Longer-haired women need not fear looking like they’ve walked out of a horror movie if they control the frizz and wear a flattering silhouette.

Bardot Do

A Brigitte Bardot-inspired bun is full of drama and height and never goes out of fashion. This retro look goes well with any outfit from Indian — seen on sari-clad Sharmila Tagore and Mumtaz in old Bollywood movies — to western, glamming up the whole look. You can also go for a half-up do if you are on the right side of 30 for that girly charm. How to wear it: Wrap large sections of hair around curlers and apply heat with a hair dryer for quick results. Gather your hair loosely into a bun at the crown and secure with bobby pins. Leave a section of hair at the front while doing this. Flick some of the hair at the forehead onto one side for that glamourous Bardot look.

Accessorised Bob

A simple accessory has the power to transform your everyday look to an off-the-runway look without much hassle. It is popular as it looks good with just about any outfit, irrespective of your hair type. How to wear it: The choice of headband to rock your bob depends on your personal taste and style. Glitzy bands give a 1920s flapper look. A glittering hair pin worn on one side will take years off your face. If you are a sucker for bold style, choose printed hair bands with mixed textures. Avoid anything too fussy if your ensemble is minimalistic.

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