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‘Govt in death race of misusing state power’

Alleging that the government has resorted to a death race of misusing the state power to hang onto power, the BNP-led 20-party alliance on Monday hoped that it would come forward to resolve the present crisis through dialogue for the sake of the country and its people, reports UNB. “The Awami League government which forcibly grabbed power through a farcical election on January 5, 2014 has engaged in a death race of misusing state power to cling to power. Through resorting to repression on the opposition leaders and activists across the country to protect the throne, the illegal government has beaten the brutality of Hitler and Mussolini,” BNP joint secretary general Barkatullah Bulu said in a statement. Bulu alleged that the government has pushed the country into an utter anarchy through creating a reign of terror across the country by keeping the law enforcement agencies under its grip like the secret forces of Hitler and Mussolini.


He also claimed that the government has resorted to killing, abducting and torturing opposition leaders and activists, and making them disappeared through the law enforcers derived from the ruling party and party terrorists to foil the ‘peaceful’ movement of the 20-party alliance.  “To its continuation, gentle politician and BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed was kidnapped 13 days ago,”  he said. Observing that the life and livelihood of a citizen is not safe either at home or outside, the BNP leader said, “It seems that we’re living in a land of lawlessness although we’re the citizens of an independent country.”


He claimed that the bodies of opposition leaders and activists are found by roads or in canals and other water bodies after they are picked up by a special force in the name of joint forces in various districts. “Even the identities of many can’t be ascertained. Such situation is prevailing in every locality.” Bulu claimed that the deadly culture of enforced disappearance, killing, secret killing and kidnapping that the present ‘autocratic’ government has introduced is evident to various local and international human rights bodies. He also urged people to observe the programmes of the 20-party alliance peacefully.

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