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The tragic horse was pulling a hearse to a crematorium when the crash happened Mercury Press and Media Ltd

Grieving family’s horror as horse pulling funeral procession KILLED by a car

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A GRIEVING family have told of the horrifying moment they witnessed a car plough into their great gran’s funeral procession killing one of the horses pulling the hearse, The Sun reports.  Cancer victim Elizabeth Maureen Morris was making her final journey to a crematorium when the animal was run over in front of her traumatised relatives.

Carriage driver Mark Evans, 58, was also hurt after being thrown like a “rag doll” from the traditional carriage. Fresian stallion Wil had to be put down following the horror smash on a 30mph country road in Sarn, near Bridgend, South Wales. Shocking photos posted on the horse owner’s Facebook page show Wil lying motionless on the road next to a black Renault Scenic with smashed front and back windscreens and the damaged hearse.

Witnesses claim the crash was caused by a driver trying to overtake the procession. Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Kirsty Thomas, said the family were left “devastated” after the smash. Kirsty, 31, said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. “We were marvelling at how amazing everything looked and then this car came flying down the road trying to overtake.

“The horses were thrown up in the air and Mark, the driver, was thrown like a rag doll too. “The car came into the side of the carriage and smashed straight into it. “The horses went over the top and were lying in the middle of the road.” She added: “It’s very difficult to explain the severity of what we saw.

“We absolutely worshipped my grandmother. She planned this funeral herself two years ago and up until this point it was beautiful. “Seeing this felt as bad as the day she actually passed away. “This was the last thing she wanted and it just turned into total chaos.

“This was supposed to be our last memory of her and it was just devastating how it turned out.”  She went on: “There were children around and people in tears. Nobody knew what to do. “It felt like the whole funeral was sabotaged. “She planned the funeral herself to take the stress away from us.

“It really felt like a great celebration of her life but I’m furious about what happened.” Police are investigating the crash which happened on the way to Coychurch Crematorium in Bridgend. Helen Evans, who runs the Mark Evans Horse Drawn Carriage Master firm with her husband, said 15-year-old Wil had been working in the business with his partner Twm since they were three.

Helen said: “Wil’s death has had a devastating effect on us. “He was one of two horses, so we can’t work without him. We were down to our last pair. “Wil was such a gentleman. Everyone in the area knew Twm and Wil. They are amazing animals. They came to us together and they have been working for us for 12 years.

“You can’t put a price on Wil’s worth. He was invaluable to us. We are devastated. ”  Jack Walsh, senior manager of Co-op Funeralcare which arranged the service, said: “This was an extremely unfortunate incident and our priority continues to be the welfare of our colleagues and on supporting the family.

“We continue to work with the police and I would like to express my thanks to our colleagues on handling this sensitive situation so professionally.”

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