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‘Gumball bandit’ struggles to steal machine from shelter

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A California animal shelter shared video of a hapless “gumball bandit” who ran into several snags while trying to steal the shelter’s gumball machine,UPI reports.

The City of Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter posted a video to Facebook showing a man crawling into the facility through a small window he broke at the bottom of a door and attempting to stuff the large gumball machine through the same hole.

The man ends up breaking the glass surrounding the gumball compartment and spilling candy all over the floor, which complicates his efforts to get the large machine out through the small window.

The “gumball bandit” ultimately goes out into the shelter’s yard and throws the machine over a barbed-wire fence. The shelter noted the man went through a lot of trouble to steal the machine, ostensibly for its load of quarters, while failing to notice a box of cash donations on the counter a few feet away.

“The Gumball Bandit faced many trials and tribulations when he broke into our shelter and stole our fund-raising gumball machine,” the shelter wrote. “But don’t feel too sorry for this candy crook, he did just steal from a shelter after all. You can help us catch him by sharing this video!”

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