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Police arrest accused Jitender, who allegedly attacked a northeastern girl with a knife MG Road Metro Station in Gurgaon. (Photo: PTI)

Gurgaon: Shocking video emerges of stalker stabbing woman to death

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Gurgaon: Few days after a 22-year-old woman from Meghalaya was allegedly stabbed to death by a man at the M G Road station of Delhi Metro network in Gurgaon, the gruesome video of the incident has emerged online,agencies reports.

Officials said the incident occurred around 9:30 am on Monday in the gallery area of the station. They said the accused, identified as 25-year-old Jitendra, allegedly used a knife to stab Pinky who was married to a man from the Northeast.

Jitendra stabbed Pinky 30 times in the stomach, slitting her throat and slashing her arms in full public view. According to reports, the victim had called her husband few minutes before the incident, informing him that the man was stalking her.

 CISF personnel and other Metro staffers rushed to the spot, which is at the entrance of the station. Pinky was taken to a hospital where she died around 11.30 am.

“As I was talking to her on phone there was a loud noise and the call was disconnected. No one picked up after that. About half an hour later, someone picked up the call and informed me about the incident,” Devi’s husband Maan Singh was quoted as saying in a report.

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