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Actor Sonu Sood recalls how he used to celebrate his birthdays with his parents as a child.

Happy birthday Sonu Sood: Actor says he doesn’t celebrate since his parents’ death

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Actor Sonu Sood is a shy guy when it comes to celebrating birthdays. And ever since his parents’ death, he hasn’t celebrated it with much vigour either,Hindustan Times reports.

“I miss my mom and dad. They brought me into this world and I wish they were with me on my birthday. So I don’t celebrate it much. I’d go out with my family and my close ones, who have been by my side through the years, but I am not the one who will throw parties on his birthday,” says Sonu who rings in his 43rd birthday today.

Born in Moga, Punjab, in 1974, Sonu moved to Nagpur to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. The admission earned him a bike as a reward and a birthday gift from his father. “That one birthday will always be special,” he adds.

Sonu says that his friends used to be more excited about his birthday than him because there used to be lavish and big parties on his birthday. “My parents really made sure that it was a special day for me. They used to plan a lot of things. I think my memories of celebrating it as a child will always be special,” he adds.

Having made his debut in 2000, Sonu admits he never thought that he would survive in the industry for so long. “I am very shy by nature and I won’t even have told people about my birthday, had I not been an actor. When I came to Mumbai, I had no idea I will be able to survive or do so many films. But for an outsider to do more than 70-80 films, in different languages as well is a big deal. I remember, in 2009, I had said in an interview, ‘who knows I might work with Jackie Chan one day’. Seven years later I actually did. That’s what I mean. I never had formal training in this field, but I was always ready to learn and work hard. However, As my mom used to say, I still have ‘miles to go before I sleep,’” he says.


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