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Holly Hagan is planning a nose job like her co-star Charlotte Crosby Eroteme

Holly Hagan: I want a nose job like Charlotte Crosby … and I’ll always be on a diet

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HOLLY Hagan is following in the footsteps of her Geordie Shore castmate Charlotte Crosby and planning a nose job, The Sun reports.  The 23-year-old, who has already splashed out £6,234 on surgery including two boob jobs as well as lip fillers, is planning to have more work done. She told Closer Magazine: “I’d get a nose job like Charlotte because hers looks great. I’ve got a little bump on mine I want to straighten out.”

 Charlotte spent £4,200 on surgery to re-shape the bridge of her nose in February. As well as a new nose, Holly is planning to reduce her 32F implants.She said: “I definately want a boob reduction. “My boobs look good naked or in a bikini but now I’m older I want to look classier – I don’t want guys just staring at my boobs; they’re too big.”

Before the new series returned to MTV, Holly and the rest of the girls on the show spent £21,000 on cosmetic treatments to get themselves screen ready.  Apart from surgery, Holly has overhauled her body by dropping a whopping 11lb in just a month but admited she will “always be on a diet”.

The reality star has gone from a size 16 to size eight over the past three years and even launched a fitness book for her fans.  But pressure from being on screen means she can never relax what she eats.  Speaking to Heat Magazine, she said: “If I want to do my job properly, go out drinking and entertain, I am going to put on weight, then I’ll lose it afterwards.

“While I’m on the show I’ll continuously be on a diet. I accept that. I feel the pressure to look good.”  Holly was criticised at the start of the year after she was spotted looking bigger in a bikini in Australia.  She said: “Yes, I put on weight over Christmas and I knew I wasn’t at my best, but like any girl I’m going to have blips.

“But if I can lose weight after putting it back on when I’m travelling around and partying then aynone can.”  Holly has dropped from a size 12 back to a size ten in just four weeks. She shared a split picture on Instagram showing the impressive change in her body. She captioned the image: “These photos were taken 1 month apart! After letting myself go slightly in Aus i finally feel like I’m back on track.”

She isn’t the only Geordie star who has overhauled her body. Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby have also dropped weight and both have released best-selling fitness DVDs.  While Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry have slimmed down too.  But Holly feels this means viewers are weight for them to “slip up” and pile on the pounds.

She added: “No matter how much weight you lose, you still look at youself as that fat girl. You’ve got to change your mindset as well as your body.”

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