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How hot or how cold should the water temperature be for good hair?(Photo HT)

Hot or Cold water – Which one should you choose for your hair?

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With the onset of winters in most parts of the country, one is bound to choose hot water to bathe with and eventually run it ones hair. Difficult as it may sound, the hot water could be doing more damage to your hair than you think, according to The Hindustan Times.

Having said that, water at both temperatures has its role to play and subsequent benefits. It’s best to make a prudent choice and effectively extract the benefits for our hair care regime:

Hot water:

 If you have colour-treated your hair, be mindful that hot water is causing the colour to run out faster making it last for a far lesser time than you and hair stylist thought.

Cold water:

Just thinking about letting cold water from the shower or tap touch your scalp may make you go ‘brrr’ but for better hair, this is just endurance exercise. Believe us!

Cold water ensures smoother hair by giving it a flat look (because no frizz here). It’s best to wash off the conditioner with cold water so that the product’s qualities get locked in your hair.

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