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How to create easy bohemian hairstyle

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So, you thought ethnic wear and a bohemian hairdo are not meant for each other. A bohemian hairstyle is a great way to escape the traditional buns that one generally does during festivals.

Try these boho hairstyles to look chic this season:

– Wash you hair and use serum or mousse on the ends of your hair before blow drying them.

– Irregularly part your hair in the middle and take a section from both sides of the parting and braid them.

– Fix them with pins on the back of your head.

– Now, take a curling iron and turn your locks into waves. If you want the waves to be tighter and smaller, make sure that the gap between each swirl on the iron is minimum.

– After getting the waves, run your fingers through your hair three to four times. Do not use a comb.

Get a messy side braid

-Start by brushing your hair and removing all the knots and tangles.

– Part your hair from the side and start braiding it loosely just behind your ear.

– Remember, that this area will be the centre point for your braid.

– Once you reach the end, use an elastic band and secure the ends. Use your fingertips to gently pull out a few strands of hair from the braid to give it that messy yet chic look, according to The Times Of India.

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