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Rally to end violence in the capital

Human rights bodies rally to end ‘political’ violence in BD

They took out a procession from Shahbagh which culminated in a rally at Shaheed Minar on Saturday.
“What currently going on in the name of political programme are frenzy, madness and brutality,” Human Rights Commission Chairman Mizanur Rahman said, addressing the rally.
“We want peace to prevail,” he said.
He urged the strikers to refrain from violence.
“Democratic values cannot be established by killing people by petrol bombs,” Mizanur said. “Nothing can be achieved with sinister means. You’ll have to use a good means to achieve something good,” he said.
“They issued such instruction to protect citizen’s rights,” the Human Rights Commission chief said.
“Those who are indulging in violent protests should be held accountable,” he added.
Since Khaldea Zia on January 5 called for an indefinite countrywide blockade at least 40 people have been killed and hundreds injured in the blockade violence across the country.

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