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Former Sunderland midfielder Adam Johnson has arrived at Bradford Crown Court for day six of his child sex trial. He has admitted one count of grooming and another of sexual activity with a child, but denies two more serious counts. (R) Johnson's girlfriend Stacey Flounders has not appeared at court since Tuesday Getty

‘I shouldn’t be doing that’: ‘Shaky’ Adam Johnson’s words to police after he is arrested on child sex charges

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ADAM Johnson told police he knew he was in the wrong when he kissed a 15-year-old girl in his car, saying: “I had a girlfriend, a family, a career — it was stupid of me.”, The Sun reports. In a police interview read out in court today, the footie ace, 28, admitted: “I shouldn’t be doing that.” Jurors had earlier heard Johnson told his girlfriend: “She said she was 16” after being arrested at his home for alleged sexual activity with a child.

 They were also shown a photo of the star’s “groin area” which was recovered from his phone by a forensic expert.Giving evidence at Bradford crown court, Det Con Kimberly Walton described how Johnson was “shaky” when she arrived at his home to arrest him on March 2 last year.

She told how police arrived and were immediately led to a games room — away from Johnson’s girlfriend Stacey Flounders — where he was nicked. Det Con Walton said Johnson instantly told officers the schoolgirl’s name and said: “I just gave her a couple of shirts.” She said: “He was stood by the bar area and he had to hold on to it as he became a little bit shaky.”

She revealed he then asked to speak to Stacey — the mother of his child — before being taken away by police. In the exchange, the court heard Stacey asked: “Who is she?” before asking: “How old is she?” after learning the reason for Johnson’s arrest.

Johnson replied: “Well she said she was 16.” He then “gave her a cuddle” before leaving with the officers. Stacey has not been seen in court since Tuesday and was not present when Johnson arrived this morning for the sixth day of his trial. The ex-England star, who was sacked by Sunderland last week, has previously admitted one count of grooming and one count of sexual activity with a child.

In an interview with police after his arrest, Johnson admitted kissing the schoolgirl and acknowledged that she was 15.  But he denied touching the girl and described the day he was arrested as “the worst day of my life”.  As the transcript of his interview was read out in court, it emerged Johnson asked police: “Is sexual activity a kiss or is that not sexual activity?”

It was also revealed he and the schoolgirl had kissed “with tongues” as he wore a Sunderland tracksuit. When asked if he thought his behaviour was OK, he told cops: “I am guessing I probably thought it was alright at the time.”  He said he had met the girl twice, describing her as a “passionate fan”. He said their first meeting was arranged so that he could give the girl a signed shirt.

It also emerged that Johnson gave the Range Rover in which the alleged sexual encounter took place to Stacey after buying himself a Porsche.  But when asked by Det Con Walton if he touched the girl, Johnson said: “No, no, no.  “I didn’t touch her down her pants or anything like that.

“I feel like someone is telling her to say these things.  “We were just friends and she is a fan. I feel like someone has told her to do this for beneficial reasons.”  “You touch their hips and rub their back and things. That’s how you kiss someone.  “I thought she was a nice girl I can’t believe she would say something like that.”

When asked by Det Con Walton why he knew his behaviour was wrong, Johnson said: “I had a girlfriend for one. There’s lots of reasons. I have a family, I have a career. It was stupid of me to be honest. “I was a bit upset with myself. I shouldn’t be doing that.  “I have a girlfriend, a family and I knew she was a fan and I knew what could be seen from me doing something like that.

“That’s why after I said to myself, ‘It’s poor’. I should have known better.  “I didn’t want to lose my girlfriend for a mistake I have made, I don’t want her to take my daughter away.”  When asked why he told his girlfriend the girl was 16, Johnson added: “I was in shock, I was in a panic.”  Earlier today, jurors were shown photos of Johnson’s “groin area” recovered from his phone by a forensic expert.

Dr Paul Hunton told the court he downloaded data from the sacked Sunderland star’s iPhone 6, including several pictures, following his alleged sexual encounter with the schoolgirl.  The computer investigation specialist also confirmed Johnson searched for the term “legal age of consent” on the morning on February 3.

He then clicked on several links to articles, including one on the Mirror website with the headline: “What is the age of consent around the world? From Angola at 12 to Bahrain at 21.” Jurors also heard he clicked on a “BBC advice” article on the Radio 1 website, with the title “age of consent”.  It came just days after his alleged sexual encounter with the schoolgirl on January 30.

Dr Hunton also told the court he downloaded data from the phone of Johnson’s alleged victim, which included a picture of her in a white bikini taken on February 16.  He also revealed around two months’ worth of messages were deleted from a phone belonging to the friend of the alleged victim. Some 667 of 681 messages were also erased from another pal’s phone, although Dr Hunton could not say whether it was a deliberate act.

Jurors have previously been shown police interviews with the schoolgirl as she told cops how she performed oral sex on the ex-England star, who has been sacked by Sunderland.  The court was also shown a ten-second Snapchat clip allegedly taken by the girl, who cannot be named, as she sat in Johnson’s car.

A friend of the alleged victim has also given evidence in court, revealing the girl was “excited” after the encounter with Johnson. She also claimed the footie ace had asked the girl for a naked picture and offered her money to meet up.  The teen at the centre of the trial has also given evidence via video link, describing Johnson as “creepy” and revealing she hated him “because he made me out to be a liar”.

She said: “I had thousands of people calling me a liar and a slag and a little slut — that I was just a silly little girl out to ruin a man’s career.  “Yes I was a silly little girl, but I have had my reputation ruined.”

Johnson has admitted one count of grooming and another of sexual activity with a child, but denies two more serious child sex charges.

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