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Living on the edge ... 850ft cliff

In tents stupidity: Dopey camper sleeps on cliff edge in 50mph wind

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A DOPEY camper was saved after pitching his tent on the edge of an 850ft cliff, The Sun reports.  Coastguards were called by a worried walker who spotted the bizarre camping site in 50mph winds. It was less than 10ft from the sheer drop — so close a brave rescuer had to use a harness and rope to pluck the man to safety.

 Coastguards warned that the clifftop was always “very, very soft” at this time of year and that winds can easily drag people over the edge.One local who lives near Seaford Head, East Sussex, said: “It’s amazing that people can be so daft.”

The camper is believed to have been on a hiking trip from London along the coast when he pitched his tent on the cliff, not far from notorious suicide spot Beachy Head.  Trevor Cutler, the coastguard station officer from nearby Newhaven, said: “He did not realise the danger he was in. The winds were definitely strong enough to blow a tent off.

“This time of year the cliffs are soft and crumbly — it is the prime time for falls. “I wasn’t happy sending one of our guys up there without a harness.” Trevor added: “I would strongly advise people not to go too near the cliff edges at this time of year. And anyone camping should stay back at least ten metres.”

Seaford councillor Phil Boorman said: “People going near the edge are risking other people’s lives as well as their own.” The spot is just a few miles down the coast from where rock star Nick Cave’s 15-year-old Arthur accidentally plunged to his death in July after taking LSD.

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