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The baby girl in hospital. She was found by travellers in Kazakhstan

Incredible moment abandoned baby is found alive INSIDE a motorway toilet

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A BABY girl was discovered alive in a giant pit of human waste after its mum gave birth in a toilet, The Sun reports.  The miracle tot was found by travellers who spotted something moved beneath them as they used the public loo near Almaty in southern Kazakhstan.  Incredible footage shows the moment they peered into the makeshift toilet – a hole in the floor – to see the newborn moving.

 Rescuers smashed their way through thick concrete and waded through excrement to reach the infant during an hour-long mission  The youngster was found to be a newborn baby girl and incredibly was alive despite the severe winter conditions in the region.  They feared that the child would be dead by the time they reached her.

She was rushed to hospital suffering from severe hypothermia.  Medics say the baby is recovering well after it was found on January 2.  A hospital spokesman said: ‘The baby’s condition is good and stable.’  Cops have reportedly not been able to track down the woman.  Police believe the mum gave birth while squatting over the hole in the floor and cut through her own umbilical cord and let the tot fall into the pit.

The shocking footage has gone viral in Eastern Europe with horrified locals taking to social media to slam the mother.  One wrote: “How is it possible to do something like that?! Why is the child made to suffer?!   “Why would the mother even consider giving birth if she wanted to kill the baby anyway? My heart is crying. Wishing the baby all the best in life.” Another outraged viewer fumed: “What is going on in this life?! Such people are horrible.

“The mother could have said no to a baby in a much more civilized way. But she decided to behave like a bad person.  “These days there are so many childless families who would do their best in order to get such a baby.”

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