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Indian MPs chant Joy Bangla as Indira recognises Bangladesh on Dec 6

Members of Indian parliament started chanting ‘Joy Bangla’ and embraced each other in joy as Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced the decision of recognizing Bangladesh on December 6, 1971.
“Right after the announcement of Indira Gandhi, the parliament broke into loud applause and the members with exhilarations and emotions started chanting slogans like-‘Joy Bangla’, ‘Bangladesh Jindabad’,” a report of Daily Jugantor’ published from Kolkata dated December 7, 1971, said.
“In spite of indefinable barriers and setbacks, people of Bangladesh have given birth to an unique chapter by their heroic struggle and history of bravery in the War of Liberation, ,” the report said quoting Mrs Gandhi.
In a statement released right after recognizing Bangladesh, Prime Minister Gandhi said, “We did not come to a conclusion on the question of giving recognition to Bangladesh, driven only by our emotions. The matter of giving recognition to Bangladesh was finalized at an important cabinet meeting last night after getting the policy-making comments and statements of the Bangladesh government.”
Referring to the report, valiant Freedom Fighter (FF) and writer Rabindranath Tribedi in his book said Pakistan launched air raids on India on December 3, 1971, making the latter to join the war.
Then Indian Prime Minister Gandhi on that same night declared, “Today the war of Bangladesh became the war for India.”
Earlier, the then Soviet Union vetoed proposals of the United States and China, preventing these two world powers from taking different initiatives for Pakistan.


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