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Indian-origin cancer expert elected to top UK post

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Sudha Sundar, a women’s cancer expert based at the University of Birmingham, has been elected president of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS), making her the first female gynaecological oncologist to be elected to the post, The Hindustan Times reports .

The BGCS is a society of professionals dedicated to improving the care provided to patients with gynaecological cancers. Sundar is a senior lecturer in Gynaecological Oncology at the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences at the university, and is involved with research projects in India.

In addition to her clinical and teaching work, Sundar’s research investigates clinical challenges in patients with ovarian and endometrial cancer, using a combined clinical trial and translational research approach, the university said.

Oxford-educated Sundar is chief investigator for the “Rockets” project, which aims to achieve earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer – a collaboration between international experts from KU Leuven (Netherlands), University College London and the University of Birmingham.

She is also leading the SOCQER 2 study, commissioned by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence, which investigates surgical outcomes in advanced stage ovarian cancer in 15 cancer centres in the UK, Australia and India.

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