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Baying crowd wait for the public punishment...as news emerges that six men were executed by firing squad for selling cigarettes

ISIS thugs chop off thief’s hand in front of bloodthirsty crowd…as six men are executed for selling cigarettes

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ISIS thugs have maimed a thief for life by chopping off his hand as six men are executed for selling cigarettes. Gruesome pictures show a man’s hand being held on a surface in front of a crowd in a city in Syria while a cleaver is positioned on his wrist. The man carrying out the punishment uses a heavy metal bar to strike down on top of the blade and slice the hand off clean.

 The images were released at the same time that the news of six men being executed in Mosul, Iraq for selling cigarettes came to light.Activists revealed that the men were arrested for flouting ISIS rules which ban the selling or smoking of cigarettes under the rule of the self-declared Caliphate.

Those who violate ISIS regulations are exposed to brutal punishment, mostly public execution. According to ABNA (AhlulBayt News Agency), the ISIS-led Islamic Police of Hisba arrested six men in Mosul on charges of selling cigarettes. “They were then referred to the Sharia Court which ordered their immediate execution on Wednesday on charges of violating the rules imposed by their alleged Caliphate,” media activist Abdullah al-Malla reported.

The men were publicly executed by firing squad in the Bursa square in central Mosul. “Hundreds of people witnessed the brutal execution. “The victim’s corpses were then moved to the al-Tib al-Adli hospital in Mosul,” the source reported. Meanwhile, troops paused bombarding ISIS in Iraq to take a selfie — with a Canon sure-shot camera.

The four Iraqi soldiers are leading an onslaught to retake the city of Fallujah. RAF Tornado jets took out heavy machine gun posts with Paveway guided bombs while a drone smashed a supply truck. A second RAF Reaper drone destroyed a machine-gun team and a vehicle carrying an anti-tank gun with Hellfire missiles.

Aid agencies fear 50,000 civilians are being used as human shields inside Fallujah. Iraqi forces attacking from three sides made swift gains this week and are within two miles of the city centre.

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