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ISIS fighters torch books in an act that echoes the Nazis

ISIS warlords using evil Nazi tactics carry out experiments on prisoners, burn books, and recruit child soldiers

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ISIS warlords are copying the chilling tactics of the Nazis – performing gruesome experiments on prisoners, burning books, and drafting kids into their depleted ranks, according to The Sun.  The brutal regime is using captured enemy troops and dissidents to test out their home-made weapons – just like Hitler’s henchmen did with Russian POWs and concentration camp prisoners.

They are keeping other inmates alive so they can take their blood and are removing organs like kidneys and corneas from other captives. ISIS are so desperate to cling to power they are now mounting raids on homes to check people’s internet browsing history and seizing novels and text books they deem anti-Islamic.

Last night the regime released pictures of thousands of books being burned in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar – which echoed the Nazi’s torching of tomes in the 1930s and 40s. In the same city troops marched through the streets in a show of power. Many appeared to be school age lads – just like Hitler drafted in schoolboys to defend Berlin as the Allies and the Russians closed in on his capital.

Sick jailers are subjecting internees to barbaric forms of torture including making them play football with severed heads – again in a chilling echo of Nazi barbarity where SS camp guards would force starving Jews to play instruments or dance and sing until they collapsed. Last night a dissident in the captured Iraq city of Mosul revealed: “The ISIS men know no good. They are using people they have captured to fire bombs at to see if they work and if they can be improved.

“Everyone is living in fear of arrest – hardly anyone is seen again when they are taken to the ISIS prisons unless they can pay.”

One man who did escape from his ISIS torturers after paying a ransom told the anti-ISIS group based in Syria Raqqa Being Slaughtered Silently: “Some of the prisoners with strong bodies and who are healthy they aren’t tortured, they were taking special care of them because ISIS is using them as a blood bank to withdraw blood when they need it for their injured members.

“Blood withdrawal is not the only need for ISIS. “ISIS remove organs such as kidneys and corneas from the prisoners for their members, arguing that the fate of these prisoners is inevitable – death.” Another prisoner lifted the lid on ISIS jailers’ grotesque forms of “entertainment”.

Abu Alnour, a former prisoner accused of selling weapons to ISIS enemies – told Syrian human rights group Sound and Picture: “I do not want to talk about the beating, the electric shocks and the daily insults, I would rather talk about the young Abdullah who went crazy inside the prison.

“He was accused of being a former FSA fighter, and he had the biggest share of torture within our group, which consisted of 13 prisoners in a less than eight-square-metre-sized cell. “One night we woke up and his voice was screaming. We later knew that some of ISIS members entered into the room and put severed head next to him and woke him up and when he saw the head he lost his mind. “

Abu Alnour was freed after managing to pay a £33,000 ransom. Another former inmate called Rakan gave an insight into the brutal regime at a jail near Deir Ezzor in Syria. He said: “I do not know where they got that much hatred from to come up with these kinds of torture methods.

“They used to bring human legs and arms into the prison to hang them inside our cells for a week or more not caring about the bad smell we suffered from. Once, they brought a human head and forced us to play the football with it. They laughed and said that next time this head was going to be one of ours.”

Rakan added: “The psychological torturing techniques outweigh the physical torture. They are always working on destroying humanity in people through forcing them to insult dead bodies or by forcing us to beat each other with severed arms that were brought in by ISIS members.”

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