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IU student invents ‘Intelligent Home Security System’

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Niaz Mustakim, a master’s student of Applied Physics, Electronics and Communication Engineering (AECE) department of Islamic University (IU) in Ksuhtia invented an intelligent home security system titled ‘Intelligent Smart and Versatile Home Security System’,BSS reports.

The system can automatically alert the owner of a home using many sensors security system via Email, Skype, Facebook and SMS. Niaz presented a demo of it in a press conference at the university Press Corner on Sunday noon while his project coordinators Professor Khalilur Rahman and Associate Professor Khalid Hossain Jewel were present there.

According to the system, a home will be controlled with super security system while no one presence or touch is needed.  All the electronics devices will be controlled by voice command system at a home. The problem of gas, fire, smoke, temperature and earthquake at home will be noticed to the owner via Skype video call and SMS.

Light, Fan, AC, TV, computer and all kinds of electronics devices would be On/off with the command of human voices while the owner of a house can open and close the gate with SMS command.

Spy camera of the invention can detect the outsider and the system show the overall conditions of a house through television. Those people can enter into the house who know the keypad security while they have to be matched with their fingerprint.

Store room will be preserved with high powerful security where the owner will receive a video call over skype via android mobile if anybody wants to unlock it. Windows of the house will be automatically closed if the sensor catches rain.  The system is used with modern technologies including voice command, Bluetooth, Wifi, GSM, password, fingerprint and spy camera.

Niaz Mustakim, the inventor is the son of Nazrul Islam of Dhamur Hat in Naogan. He admitted into the university under the academic session of 2009-10. He completed the works after two years of his research. Mentioned, Taka 35 thousand has been cost behind making the system.

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