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Ranveer Singh will be Love Guru and Jacqueline Fernandez will be Damdami Mai at this year’s Virgin tree pooja at Hindu college, Delhi University.

Jacqueline Fernandez as Damdami Mai and Ranveer Singh as Love Guru this Valentine’s Day at Hindu College

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Valentine’s Day might be celebrated throughout the city with fervour, but it is a completely different (and crazy) deal when it comes to Delhi University’s Hindu College,Hindustan Times reports. Every year on Valentine’s Day, Hindu College hostel students shortlist a ‘hot’ Bollywood female actor, and worship her as the Damdami Mai next to the condom-adorned Virgin Tree. This, in hopes to increase their chances of scoring a date, finding their perfect partner, and well, not remaining a virgin anymore. This year though, the celebrations just seem to be getting bigger. Not only will the celebrations have actor Jacqueline Fernandez as Damdami Mai, but also actor Ranveer Singh as Love Guru— a new introduction to the Pooja for the ‘hopeful’ women devotees attending the pooja.

“We mostly only choose a Damdami Mai every year, but this year we will also have a new introduction, a Love Guru — the male counterpart of the Damdami Mai. While the Damdami Mai is decided by the boys hostel, the Love Guru was chosen this year by the girls hostel,” says Lalit Kumar, the president of the Hindu college hostel. “Jacqueline Fernandez and Ranveer Singh were chosen because they are the hottest and the most in-demand stars right now. Something that makes them worthy of the status of Damdami Mai and Love Guru.”

Lalit also adds that this year, they shall also have a special guest for the celebrations. “Actor-filmmaker Nalin Singh, who has made a movie called My Virgin Diary which is inspired by the Virgin Tree itself. He is a Hindu college alumni himself and will be there at the pooja with us,” says Kumar.

It’s not only the students that are excited about the special guest, but Nalin Singh himself is pumped to be there. “I have been an ex-president of the Hindu college hostel union and have organised the pooja myself too, in my time. My movie draws inspiration from my time in Hindu and the virgin tree, and it is going to be an extremely nostalgic feeling for me being there at the pooja this year,” says Singh.

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