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Workers wearing hi-vis clothing begin the task of removing the tents from the camp AFP

Jungle warfare: Riot police fight running battles with migrants as Calais camp is demolished

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Lord Green, chairman of MigrationWatch UK, asked Home Office minister Lord Bates: “Do you realise this implies an increase in our population of 500,000 every year, of which 75 per cent will be due to future immigration? “Do you appreciate that this increase is equivalent to a city the size of Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol and it will continue until such time as there is a significant reduction in net migration?”

Lord Bates admitted in the Lords: “If you take the statistical data which is available and you forecast it, you arrive at roughly the numbers you refer to.” But he added that assumed nothing was being done to curb the influx. He said the Government had been “working hard” to get immigration down, adding: “I believe that will actually have some effect to ensure the situation projected will not actually turn out to be so.”

An increase of 500,000 a year would take the population to 77.1 million by 2039 — an extra 12.5 million people. Lord Bates later admitted the current high level of migration was being driven by factors “which are not totally within our control”. He also said: “Immigration remains too high.”

Migrants led by UK-based anarchists were fighting running battles with riot police in Calais last night as demolition men began tearing down part of their Jungle camp. Tents and huts burned, above, and cops waded in with batons during violence which saw at least one British woman arrested.

Bulldozers finally moved in after a court order allowed French authorities to destroy the south side of the sprawling shanty town. Trouble flared soon after, with British left-wing activists from the No Borders group seen at the front of a crowd of Afghan refugees hurling missiles. Migrants later started fires.

Kazim Lahr, a 22-year-old Afghan, said: “The number of police is astonishing. We have been told to get out of the south side, which is where all our homes and restaurants are. We have nowhere else to go.” Local official Fabienne Buccio insisted many of the homes being demolished were “full of rubbish, not people”.

EFUGEES try to bust through a border fence to reach Macedonia from Greece yesterday. Macedonian police fired tear gas after some 300 Iraqi and Syrian protesters forced their way through a Greek police cordon and raced towards a railway track. There they tried to hurdle barbed wire marking the frontier between the countries, while shouting: “Open the borders.”

The angry demo at Idomeni, Greece, came hours after Macedonia allowed hundreds of Syrians and Iraqis to cross before resealing the frontier — keeping thousands more out. Some 6,000 are thought stranded in Greece after Austria and Balkan states capped ­levels of migrants entering their territory.

Athens warned the number trapped on its soil may hit 70,000 by next month. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the new curbs risked refugee chaos in Greece. She said: “We can’t just abandon this country

The gate is used to let trains through at the border crossing and reportedly 500 people forced their way past Greek police to reach it. It is not known how many of them crossed the border before the police got the situation under control, The Sun reports.

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