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Jamie Hince's bandmate Alison Mosshart looks very similar to Kate Moss in new music video Flynet / Vevo

Kate Moss ex Jamie Hince mocks her with lookalike in new music video

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KATE Moss’s ex husband Jamie Hince has taken a shot at the supermodel in his new music video, The Sun reports. The Kills frontman and his bandmate Alison Mosshart appear to be mocking the 42-year-old in a new clip for their new single, Doing It To Death. It could be just a coincidence that Alison has messy blonde hair and edgy rock outfits similar to Kate.

 But when Alison takes a drag on her cigarette, it unmistakeably looks like Mossy.Jamie, 47, and Kate split after four years of marriage last summer. The rest of the morbid video is set during a funeral at a cemetery with several coffins being carried into a church where Alison is inside puffing on a cig.At one point, Jamie emerges from one of the caskets, which perhaps could be a symbol of him coming back to life since the split.

The song will be on The Kills fifth album, Ash & Ace which is due out in June.  It is the first release from the band in 2011, which was the year Jamie married Kate. When asked in a recent interview why the band had been absent for so long, he appeared to imply it was her fault. He told BBC 6 Music: “I’ve navigated quite a few stormy seas since then, so it’s kind of gone quickly for me.

“For me, it’s seemed quick because I’ve been dealing with quite a few things, but you get messages from fans saying, ‘When the hell is the next record?'” It’s unlikely Kate will be bothered by the homage — after all, they say imitiation is the best form of flattery. The mother of one has already moved on from the split and has been dating Count Nikolai von Bismarck since last October.

The society photographer, a great-great grandson of Germany’s Iron Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, once admitted to drinking cow’s blood. It has been reported the 28-year-old has moved into the basement of her Highgate home in North London. The pair have been spotted househunting together after they had to cut short their skiing trip together in the Swiss Alps when Kate fell and injured her leg.

Meanwhile Jamie is still single but has been spotted hanging out with Lily Allen at Chateau Marmont in LA. The 30-year-old singer’s four and a half year marriage to husband Sam Cooper is rumoured to be on the rocks.

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