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Khaleda flies to Singapore in June for medical checkup
Khaleda flies to Singapore in June for medical checkup

Khaleda accuses Ershad of killing Zia, Manzur

HM Ershad is the man behind the murders of Ziaur Rahman and Maj Gen Muhammad Abul Manzur, said BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia.

She made the allegation speaking at a ‘mass hunger strike’ to protest against the recent spike of abductions and killings at the National Press Club on Sunday.

She criticised the ruling Awami League for keeping ‘close ties’ with the Jatiya Party chief.

“You are living with killers, you (Sheikh Hasina) have made him your (special) envoy,” she said.

Ziaur Rahman was killed during a failed coup at Chittagong Cantonment in 1981.

Maj Gen Manzur was blamed for his assassination, taken by the Army from police custody and killed.

Ershad, then chief of staff, declared Martial Law and assumed state power.

Meanwhile, Ziaur Rahman’s widow Khaleda Zia took the helm of BNP, the party founded by her husband.

Zia’s assassination was never tried in civil court but Manzur’s trial has reached its final stage.

Ershad is the prime accused for his murder.

The court scheduled a date for the trial’s verdict but the case’s reinvestigation was ordered on Feb 27 following a plea by the state.

Ershad’s Jatiya Party, a key ally of the ruling Awami League-led coalition in their previous term, emerged as Bangladesh’s main opposition after contesting in the controversial Jan 5 national polls.

The Jatiya Party chief, who is said to have been ‘detained’ at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) while the polls were held, was made special envoy to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, re-elected through the 10th national election.

Manzur’s verdict has been put off because the prime minister made him her envoy, alleged Khaleda.

“You made a killer your special envoy. You will not get away with this,” she said. “The Awami League always makes alliances with killers.”

“Ershad will be brought to justice,” the former prime minister declared.

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