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The elephant charges, lifting a man off the ground as villagers look on in the background

Killer elephant toss helpless villager around like a rag doll

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A KILLER elephant tossed a man in the air like a rag doll in shocking video footage, The Sun reports. The seven second video clip shows a frenzied Indian elephant throwing and dragging a helpless man around in a forest clearing, while shocked onlookers keep their distance. The attack happened in Burwan, West Bengal, India, where two elephants have killed five people in recent days, sparking panic in nearby villages.

 An elderly farmer was said to have been trampled to death by one of the beasts, which can grow to more than 11 feet tall and weigh 11,000lbs.One of the victims was named in reports as Anil Bagdi, 64.

Forest guards were said to be hunting the giant creatures with tranquiliser guns in a bid to halt the rampage.  While elephants are often seen as gentle giants, they can turn on people and there are between 300 and 500 elephant attacks a year.

They use their vast size and long sharp tusks to trample and gore when they feel threatened. Interactions between the animals and humans are also on the increase as their natural habit is being destroyed.

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