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These bottles contain samples collected from the barrels and are sent to be tested in 2 laboratories. Photo: Custom Intelligence.

Liquid cocaine smuggling detected with British Intel help

The recovery of huge quantity of liquid cocaine in Chittatong Port is a big success against international drug smuggling which has been possible due to the sharing of information between the intelligence agencies of Bangladesh and the UK.

The seizure of 185 kilograms of liquid cocaine is the second largest in recent times after the recovery of 310 kilograms of liquid cocaine by the Canadian customs three months back. The cocaine came in a container from Bolivia.

In Bangladesh, expensive drugs like cocaine and that too in a liquid form is completely a new case for both the police and the customs intelligence. Few have heard of liquid cocaine but never thought it could come through the sea route.

It was the Special Branch (SB) of police who received a tip from the UK agency that a container of sunflower oil was to be shipped to Bangladesh from the South American region containing cocaine in liquid form.

Officials of the agency also informed that the cocaine was not sent for Bangladesh. They said the international drug cartel would only use Bangladesh port as a transit point enroute to another country. To detect liquid cocaine, they hinted that the colour and smell of the cocaine mixed sunflower oil will be different from others, agencies report.

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