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Sexy pre-fame shots of Liz Hurley, Catherine Zeta Jones and others are being auctioned by photographer John Stoddart Stoddart/Catawiki/Splash¿ News

Liz Early: Sexy shots of Liz Hurley before she was famous and Catherine Zeta-Jones to go under hammer

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INTIMATE early photos of a pre-fame Liz Hurley are going under the hammer, The Sun reports.  One of the incredible pictures shows a 27-year-old Liz, now 50, reclining on a bed wearing knickers, bra and stockings before she hit the big time. The stunning photos were taken by revered British photographer and friend to the stars John Stoddart, 57, who is well-known for capturing portraits of celebrities on the cusp of making it.

 Another shot entitled: “Elizabeth Hurley, nude, London 1990,” shows the star naked, leaning on a Greek bust.Just two years later the actress became a household name when she turned up to the premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral wearing her famous Versace safety pin dress as Hugh Grant’s date.

Auctioneers Catawiki estimate the photos to be worth £430-£620 each. A young Catherine Zeta Jones is seen in 1991, provocatively frolicking on a bed at the Dorchester Hotel, wearing a bra and split-to-the-thigh skirt, shortly before she made her move to Hollywood. The photos – from a contact sheet of multiple images – are also expected to make good money with estimates of at least £1,510 for the set.

Photographer Stoddart said: “I was good friends with Catherine when these photographs were taken in 1991. She was a well-known TV star but at the time really wanted to make it in Hollywood. “So we got a room at the Dorchester hotel and took these fantastic snaps of her looking like a true movie star. Not long after, she was making movies in Hollywood.”

Professional Photographer magazine named Stoddart as one of the 100 most influential snappers of the century and movie director Martin Scorsese as well as Hurley both own his works.  A pre-James Bond fame Daniel Craig, now 48, was also captured as a 35-year-old, smouldering in an open shirt and jacket with a price tag of £740.

Stoddart said: “This picture was taken at the Royal Court in Chelsea while he was shooting the film Layer Cake. “I captured quite an intense shot of Daniel here. He’s the second Bond I’ve shot, although this was Daniel Craig pre-James Bond fame.” Other photos included in the auction show a young Arnold Schwarzenegger posing on a hotel bed in Paris and a heavily-stylised Tilda Swinton in 1986.

Buyers can also bid for shots of a shirtless Iggy Pop in 1999 and The Rolling Stones in 1989.

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