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Madhouse Inc. Achieves $423 Million

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Madhouse Inc. achieves $423 million (2.8 billion RMB) in 2016 revenue. It has acted as the pioneer in becoming the largest mobile advertising platform company globally, according to report.

Madhouse is one of the first advertising platform companies focusing exclusively on mobile. After its success in the Chinese market, the company continued its strategic expansion to the international market in 2012. With a spectacular success in entering the Indian market, Madhouse has become the largest mobile advertising company in India.

As the company’s one-stop mobile advertising programmatic platform, Premium Mad, launched in 2014, Madhouse’s advanced technology provides brand advertisers and premium mobile publishers with cutting-edge mobile advertising solutions at the same time driving programmatic forward in China. For app marketers and e-commerce advertisers, PerforMad, the company’s all-in-one ROI based optimization platform, is purposely built to maximize mobile investment and convert audience to quality users for advertisers.

Joshua Maa, founder and CEO, said, “We have witnessed the growth and evolutions of the mobile advertising industry in the past 11 years and we will always stay passionate and be committed to mobile advertising. We will continue to lead the market and achieve more in the decade to come in China and globally.”

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