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Corwin Moose of Maple Grove was recently busted in a prostitution sting, but what he had in his trunk will require further investigation.

Man goes to meet prostitute with a trunk full of plastic and a giant empty suitcase

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Late last month, Sgt. Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department found himself sexting a 350-pound man from Maple Grove: 43-year-old Corwin Moose, according to CITYPAGES.

The two exchanged 164 messages in 24 hours, with Snyder posing as a teenage girl and Moose responding with “BB cum in u?”

Snyder suggested Moose could pay $100 for sex, and that they’d meet every other week. They planned to meet up at the Holiday gas station in Cottage Grove, according to the prostitution charges.

It would be a run-of-the-mill sting. On October 1, cops descended on Moose as he arrived at the gas station. Moose was arrested, his car searched.

That’s when investigators discovered a freshly laid tarp in the trunk, along with rubber gloves and a giant empty suitcase. Moose didn’t even bother to bring the $100, according to the complaint.

MPD’s crimes against children unit traced Moose from a Backpage.com sex ad posted by a 16-year-old girl this August. Officers tracked down the teen, who told them she met up with Moose because she was desperate for money.

The girl “appeared very shameful and resistant to disclose initially, which is typical of victims who have experienced trauma,” Snyder wrote. She won’t face any charges.

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