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Louis Jordan, 37,

Man Rescued After 66 Days Missing At Sea

Louis Jordan spent more than nine weeks missing at sea after leaving the marina in his sailboat to catch some fish.

A man has been rescued off the US coast after more than two months missing at sea, reports Sky News. Louis Jordan, 37, was reported missing on 29 January but was spotted sitting on the upturned hull of his stricken sailboat, a 35ft vessel called Angel, about 200 miles off the North Carolina coast by German-registered Houston Express. He was then taken aboard before being hoisted to safety and on to a Virginia hospital by the US Coastguard.

Recovering from his ordeal, he told his relieved family that he had survived by catching fish with his hands and drinking rainwater. In an audio clip released by the coastguard, Mr Jordan’s father Frank asks his son how he is doing, receiving the reply: “I’m doing fine now.” The son said he did not know why the boat had broken down but that he had not been able to fix it and sail it back to South Carolina.

It was South Carolina he had departed from in January to “go out and catch some fish” but somehow he had ended up far off course. He said that he had worried every day that his parents were crying and believed he was dead. His father replied: “We were – I thought I lost you.” He told CNN he had not given up hope Louis would be found alive and that his strong constitution and religious beliefs had kept him alive, despite his inexperience as a sailor.

“He told me on the phone that he was praying the whole time, so I believe that sustained him a great deal,” he said. In an audio recording broadcast on US media, the father thanked the unidentified skipper of the German vessel for saving his son, telling him: “You are a good man, I swear. You did what you’re supposed to do and I sure do appreciate it and I know my son appreciates it.”

The captain replied: “It is a pleasure for us.” In January last year Jose Salvador Alvarenga, a native of El Salvador who set out from Mexico on a fishing trip, endured 13 months before he was rescued more than 6,000 miles away near the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.

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